Living in Boise, Idaho can be such a pleasure, if you choose the right area, of course! Many people will agree that this city is a great one to live, and that is why the real estate market is more and more powerful right now. The apartments for rent Boise Idaho are some of the most popular properties right now because they represent an affordable option that is still close to everything the city needs to offer!

However, there are a lot of factors to consider when searching for an apartment, but one of the most important ones is the location! Which are the best neighborhoods in Boise to find an apartment?

The Horseshoe Bend Neighborhood – This neighborhood is actually a small community located off Route 55. The community is a peaceful and quiet one, holding within it many houses for rent and apartment complexes, especially on the north side. There are many green spaces here and outdoor opportunities, perfect to spend your free time!

The Boise Bench Neighborhood – The area is located south of the Downtown and is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Boise! There are many apartment communities to be found here. The neighborhood is perfect for those who want to live in a safe and nice area which is still close to Downtown! Plus, the public transport is easily accessible as well.

The Downtown Neighborhood – The downtown is, as in any other big city, the most popular neighborhood of all. It is the centre of commerce, cultural, business and entertainment in Boise. You will find here many trendy shops, bars, nightlife opportunities, as well as chic stores and restaurants. There are great apartments to be found here, along with lofts, condos, etc. Definitely the best place for young people.

The Veteran’s Park Neighborhood – The Veteran’s Park area is a prominent one in the city of Boise. It is filled with green spaces and outdoor spots and also with biking trails, walking paths and playgrounds. You can find here fishing water as well! There are many single family homes available and also apartment complexes that offer great deals for rentals! This is definitely the perfect neighborhood for a family!

The Winstead Park Neighborhood – Located east of the Veteran’s Park and is home to apartment communities, single homes, family houses, rentals, etc. It is a peaceful neighborhood, being also called a “residential” one, and it provides the opportunity for citizens to enjoy great green spaces and many outdoor activities. Truly a neighborhood for everyone!

There are many other great regions in Boise, Idaho, but these are truly the greatest ones you can live in. In the end, you should choose a neighborhood that fits your style and personality and also that fits your budget. Take these options into consideration on your list and go visit some great apartment rentals in these superb areas!

Living in an apartment can be equally nice and annoying, but you have to adjust and try to make it as good as you can, right? The apartments for rent Boise Idaho are big enough for one or two persons to live comfortably and sometimes even for three or four, depending on the number of bedrooms. However, comfort is not the only concern of renters. Situations may come up when living in an apartment or you may deal with things you do not really enjoy. However, there are some apartment living tricks you can learn to make your life easier as a renter!

Your apartment can look and feel bigger

You can make your apartment to look and feel bigger if you think there is not enough space for you there! All it takes are some smart décor decisions and a little planning. Your limited space can be easily transformed! You can check out some DIY tutorials over the Internet and get inspired!

You can break your lease, but try not to break the bank

If you want to get out of your lease, you might as well have a valid reason for that, such as buying a new apartment, moving with the job or getting married. If you absolutely need to break your lease, find out how to avoid the penalty from your landlord, or at least limit it!

Communicate with your landlord

Not many landlords will ask if you need help fixing something or will come to rescue if something breaks. If you learn to communicate with your landlord monthly at least, you will find it easier to ask him for help. Try to always keep him updated on the state of the apartment and be sincere if something breaks and if is your fault or not.

Living alone? Don’t brag about it

If you have chosen to live alone instead of sharing the place with roommates then do not brag about it. The potential stalkers, criminals or thieves may find that too interesting! You can stay safe by putting a solid lock or installing an alarm system for security.

Make your apartment livelier

Even though you live in a rented apartment, it does not matter it has to be dull! Make it feel more like home by getting bigger, more colorful towels for the bathroom or by changing the material, texture or color of your toilet seat. You can also add your own carpets, rugs or pillows into the place. Choose bright and bold colors!

Little improvements

There are little things not anyone knows about living in an apartment. For example, you can use a ceiling fan if you want to warm your apartment. Most of these machines come with a switch that can be turned into heating instead of cooling. Bet you did not know that right? There are many small improvements like these you can do for your apartment!

As a student in a new and big city, finding a rent can become quite confusing. If you do not plan to stay at the dorm, then your renting search should be fun instead of stressful! The apartments for rent Boise Idaho include great deals for college students, but if you want an apartment close to the university, you should be smart and read a few handy tips before you get started! Are you ready to find a great rental?

So, if you are a college student looking for a rental in Boise, here is some much needed guidance for you:

Start searching early

One of the most common tricks most students do not remember is that you should start your search early. Remember that many students will be looking for apartments around the University as well so you will meet some competition. In order to avoid renting during the crowded season, go search for rentals in the summer, or in the semester before you begin the school. You will have plenty of time to find an apartment within your budget!

Visit more than two apartments

When you start your apartment search you should visit more places to get a good idea on what is available. You should try to visit at least three on one visit. You will have some perspective of what is available within your budget. Plus, you may also find the apartment you loved already rented, so is also good to have a backup.

Have your own checklist

It is quite useful to make your own checklist as you visit apartments. That list should contain the things you expect to have in an apartment. There are many things you can write down there, depending on what you need: is the refrigerator working properly? Does the apartment have sufficient lighting? Are there pets allowed?

Be ready for a deposit

If you find an apartment you would want to rent, you will probably need to leave a deposit. The competition is a pretty harsh one when it comes to the apartments for students, so if you want to keep the place you want, you will need to leave a deposit! You may even need a co-signer with a good credit report to make the contract legal. It all depends on the landlord and what he prefers.

Read the lease well before your sign

Before you sign anything, but especially your lease, make sure you read it well! Your co-signer, if you have one, should do the same before committing. Make sure you agree with everything there, such as “no pets”, “no shares”, etc. Also, pay attention to the rent due date, the amount of the security deposit, etc. You should know what you sign, always!

Therefore, the rental search for college students can be made easier with a series of simple steps! Just try to apply them and have fun with your search!

Choosing just one apartment to rent can sometimes be difficult, given the increasing number of rentals available on the market. In a city like Boise, Idaho, the real estate market became very powerful, especially in the rentals domain, so renters have many options. However, most of the time, they end up choosing something that does not fit their needs or style because they are influenced by real estate agents or landlords. If you are searching through apartments for rent Boise Idaho too, then you may want to read this small guide on how to choose the perfect rental!

There are many factors that can influence your decision, but you should take into consideration only the most important ones of them, such as:

The Neighborhood

The neighborhood you live in has been, is and will always be one of the most important aspects in your life. You should choose an area you feel comfortable in, an area that has all the amenities and facilities you need and an area that is safe and peaceful. Do not settle for a poor neighborhood even if the apartment seems perfect! Consider the neighborhood one of the most important aspects in your search.

The Building & Neighbors

When you are searching for an apartment and go visit several apartment buildings you will probably have the chance to meet some of the neighbors as well. You should choose a rental in a building that is not too old. The old buildings usually require higher maintenance and the owners charge extra taxes. Also, make sure you are allowed with pets if you own one and that the neighbors you have are nice and friendly. You do not need any old lady knocking at your door in the middle of the night to ask you to be quiet!

The Maintenance and Security

Another important aspect of rentals is the maintenance. You should choose an apartment with a landlord willing to help and support you during your lease. Plus, the apartment you choose should be secure. The security issue is a very important one, so if the apartment building has a doorman or at least seems to care about security at all, it should get extra points on your list.

The Apartment as a Whole

Last but not least, you should choose a place that meets your needs. You may not need 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, but you may need a bigger kitchen or a balcony. Choose an apartment that seems nice to you and not to the real estate agent, because you will be living there after all!  The apartment should at least partly match your personality.

So, choosing an apartment as your rental is not easy, but it can be fun! You should stress less about finding the perfect place and have fun more when you are searching it! If you consider the few handy tips above then you may have success with your search.