The best neighborhoods in Boise

Living in Boise, Idaho can be such a pleasure, if you choose the right area, of course! Many people will agree that this city is a great one to live, and that is why the real estate market is more and more powerful right now. The apartments for rent Boise Idaho are some of the most popular properties right now because they represent an affordable option that is still close to everything the city needs to offer!

However, there are a lot of factors to consider when searching for an apartment, but one of the most important ones is the location! Which are the best neighborhoods in Boise to find an apartment?

The Horseshoe Bend Neighborhood – This neighborhood is actually a small community located off Route 55. The community is a peaceful and quiet one, holding within it many houses for rent and apartment complexes, especially on the north side. There are many green spaces here and outdoor opportunities, perfect to spend your free time!

The Boise Bench Neighborhood – The area is located south of the Downtown and is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Boise! There are many apartment communities to be found here. The neighborhood is perfect for those who want to live in a safe and nice area which is still close to Downtown! Plus, the public transport is easily accessible as well.

The Downtown Neighborhood – The downtown is, as in any other big city, the most popular neighborhood of all. It is the centre of commerce, cultural, business and entertainment in Boise. You will find here many trendy shops, bars, nightlife opportunities, as well as chic stores and restaurants. There are great apartments to be found here, along with lofts, condos, etc. Definitely the best place for young people.

The Veteran’s Park Neighborhood – The Veteran’s Park area is a prominent one in the city of Boise. It is filled with green spaces and outdoor spots and also with biking trails, walking paths and playgrounds. You can find here fishing water as well! There are many single family homes available and also apartment complexes that offer great deals for rentals! This is definitely the perfect neighborhood for a family!

The Winstead Park Neighborhood – Located east of the Veteran’s Park and is home to apartment communities, single homes, family houses, rentals, etc. It is a peaceful neighborhood, being also called a “residential” one, and it provides the opportunity for citizens to enjoy great green spaces and many outdoor activities. Truly a neighborhood for everyone!

There are many other great regions in Boise, Idaho, but these are truly the greatest ones you can live in. In the end, you should choose a neighborhood that fits your style and personality and also that fits your budget. Take these options into consideration on your list and go visit some great apartment rentals in these superb areas!